How to download Power BI desktop for free?

Power BI Desktop, a robust business analytics tool by Microsoft, empowers users to visualize and analyze data effortlessly. If you’re eager to harness the power of Power BI Desktop without breaking the bank, you’ll be delighted to know that a free version is available. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to download Power BI Desktop for free, explore its features, and address common questions through external links and FAQs.

Understanding Power BI Desktop:

What is Power BI Desktop?

Power BI Desktop is a powerful application that allows users to connect to, transform, and visualize their data. It provides a user-friendly interface for creating compelling reports and dashboards, making data-driven decisions accessible to everyone.

Steps to Download Power BI Desktop for Free:

Step 1: Navigate to the Power BI Desktop Download Page

Visit the official Power BI Desktop download page on the Microsoft website.

Step 2: Choose the Appropriate Version

Select the version that corresponds to your operating system (Windows 64-bit or 32-bit).

Step 3: Start the Download

Click on the “Download” button to initiate the download process.

Step 4: Install Power BI Desktop

Once the download is complete, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install Power BI Desktop on your computer.

Step 5: Launch Power BI Desktop

After installation, launch Power BI Desktop, and you’re ready to start analyzing and visualizing your data.

Exploring Power BI Desktop Features:

1. Data Connectivity:

Power BI Desktop supports a wide range of data sources, including Excel, SQL Server, SharePoint, and various cloud-based services, allowing you to bring all your data together in one place.

2. Data Modeling:

Create relationships between different data sets, build calculated columns and measures, and shape your data for meaningful analysis.

3. Report Authoring:

Design interactive reports with a drag-and-drop interface, customizable visuals, and a variety of formatting options to convey insights effectively.

4. Query Editor:

Easily transform and clean your data using the intuitive Query Editor, ensuring that your data is accurate and ready for analysis.

5. Publishing to Power BI Service:

Once your report is ready, publish it to the Power BI Service for sharing and collaboration with others.

External Resources:

Enhance your Power BI Desktop knowledge with these external resources:

  1. Power BI Desktop Download Page
  2. Power BI Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Is Power BI Desktop completely free?

A1: Yes, Power BI Desktop is available for free. However, there is also a Power BI Pro version that offers additional features and capabilities for a subscription fee.

Q2: Can I use Power BI Desktop on Mac or Linux?

A2: Currently, Power BI Desktop is officially supported only on Windows. However, there are workarounds, such as using virtual machines or cloud-based solutions, to run Power BI Desktop on Mac or Linux.

Q3: What are the limitations of the free version of Power BI Desktop?

A3: The free version of Power BI Desktop has some limitations compared to the Pro version, such as the inability to collaborate on reports in the Power BI Service or share reports with users who do not have Power BI Pro licenses.

Q4: Can I connect Power BI Desktop to on-premises data sources?

A4: Yes, Power BI Desktop allows you to connect to on-premises data sources, enabling you to integrate data from various sources into your reports.

Q5: How often is Power BI Desktop updated?

A5: Microsoft regularly releases updates for Power BI Desktop, introducing new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Users can stay informed about updates through the Power BI blog.

Q6: Can I use Power BI Desktop without an internet connection?

A6: While an internet connection is not required for creating and analyzing reports in Power BI Desktop, certain features, such as accessing cloud-based data sources or publishing reports to the Power BI Service, may require internet connectivity.


Downloading Power BI Desktop for free opens up a world of possibilities for visualizing and analyzing data. Follow the outlined steps, explore the features, and refer to external resources and FAQs to make the most of this powerful analytics tool. Whether you’re a business professional, analyst, or enthusiast, Power BI Desktop provides the tools you need to turn raw data into actionable insights. Start your data journey with Power BI Desktop today!